Video Games For Kids & The Many Different Platforms & Consoles

What do you know about the best video games for kids in 2016? There are so many gaming systems and platforms. I used to think that anything handheld was going to go by the wayside because of the graphics getting better and better for gaming consoles, but after some time, they have become as popular as they ever were.

In fact, kids use them for on the go gaming, and they really enjoy never having to put their games down. My oldest boy¬†has a Nintendo 3DS, and he takes it with him everywhere. For gaming at home, he has both an XBOX One and a Playstation 4. Of course, he’s always playing games on his tablet at home as well as his PSP and his 3DS.

Sure he has quite a few systems, and other kids might not have them all. Still, kids love their video games, and there are many games for free on the computer, too. As I mentioned, my oldest¬†loves playing games on his tablet. He used to play games on his mom’s mobile phone as well, but ever since he got his tablet, he plays those types of games on there.

The best video games for kids and the platform of choice also depends on their ages. Like for instance, the Call of Duty series is one of the most popular video games for teenagers. However, don’t let the younger kids fool you because many of them play it, too. And if you don’t allow your kids to play those games at your house, they are still playing them at other kid’s houses.

What games are your kids playing? You can check out ratings, and that will not only help you to know what is appropriate but also what games would make great presents.

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