Video Games That Are Appropriate For Children

There are a lot of video games, but not all of them are appropriate for kids to play. Games can often come with suggestive themes and high levels of violence that shouldn’t be available at a young age. There are games that can still be fun and stimulating while containing sensible content. Here are some fun video games for kids.

Minecraft is a well known building game where players can create whatever they want in their own world. The games has different modes for those who just want to create with their friends, or those who want to try surviving in a world with hazards. At its core, the game is simple, but it also has complex building elements and mods for those who wish to explore them. Minecraft has made it to every platform imaginable, from consoles to phones, so the kids can satisfy their need to build at any time.

Kids often want to get into the shooter genre, but it’s way too violent for them. Luckily Spatoon for the Wii U exists. The game lets kids play in giant multiplayer areas as kids with paintball guns who try to cover the map with their color paint. The player can turn into a squid and swim through the ink for faster travel and invisibility. The game is perfect for team activities, and features free maps to keep the players enthralled.

Kids love music, and they love to dance, which is why Just Dance 2016 is perfect for them. The latest game in the long running franchise features new songs from Bruno Mars, Kelly Clarkson, and more. The game is a console exclusive and works using the motion controls of each console, or by using a smartphone app to track the movements of each dancer. There is also a subscription service for the game that allows players to access songs that were featured in previous versions of Just Dance.

There’s a video game out there for every kid to enjoy. The games included here are suitable for them and for adults as well.

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