Toys To Life Video Games For Kids

Kids these days have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to video games. Some of the best video games for kids are ones that feature a toy to life component. These games have real world toys that can interact with a video game using a portal and NFC technology. Take a look at some of these toy to life video games.

Disney Infinity takes characters from every Disney franchise and puts them together in a cohesive world full of adventure. For each version of the game, a base and starter figures are included, which can be used with the base to add characters into the game. The latest version places a focus on Star Wars characters, but characters from previous Infinity games can be used with it. Kids on mobile devices, PCs, handhelds and consoles all have the chance to play with their favorite Disney characters.

Skylanders is what many consider to be the franchise that made the toys to life genre as popular as it is. The games follow characters living in Skyland who want to prevent an evil figure from taking over their home. The game has evolved with multiple iterations, adding giants, characters with swappable bodies, and even vehicles. The game can be played on the PC, iOS devices, handhelds, and consoles. On Nintendo systems, two exclusive Nintendo characters have their own toys and in game models.

Lego Dimensions is a newcomer to the toys to life genre. Riding the success of the popular Lego Movie, the game features multiple characters from different franchises, many of them unrelated, who work together to stop a villain from merging the universes under his rule. The characters and worlds of the game expand beyond a particular movie studio or game franchise, allow the game to feature popular shows, movies, and video games. The game is unique that the characters and the portal can be built. The game is exclusive to consoles.

Each of these toys to life games can provide kids with hours of entertainment. Just a starter set is enough to play these games, and any additional characters can be purchased if the parent desires.

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